Merchant's Guide to the Universe

A third-party tool

MGU is a very useful aid to navigation in the SMR universe it was first made around the turn of the century for Space Merchant by a player named Vladdy and later modified to work with downloadable sector maps by Edgecrusher. Before there was MGU there was some silly program called SMC and before that there was pen and paper to write down locations and careful studying of galaxy maps to find trade routes.


Installing MGU

  • Step 1: Download MGU file from the SMR webboard

  • Step 2: Unzip the file to a directory of your choice.

  • Step 3: Install the newest version of the .Net framework that is provided by Microsoft.

  • Step 4: The program should be running now

Installing pre-made MGU maps

  • Step 1: To view a map, all you need is the .smr file that can be downloaded in the game.

  • Step 2: The first time you run MGU you will have to manually select the correct map. It will be automatically opened after the first time.

Editing a sector

By double-clicking a sector you can edit it. You can change:

  • Sector connections, including warps

  • Goods bought and sold in the sector as well as the level and race of the port

  • Locations that are present in the sector

  • Planets

  • Forces in the sector. The downloaded maps will automatically have all forces of your own alliance at the time of download listed as good forces, but you will have to manually adjust information on enemy forces. The sector will automatically be marked as 'good' or 'evil', depending on what forces are present and you will be given the option to avoid 'evil' sectors in the other functions of MGU.


This section deals with the buttons in the MGU menu from left to right

Selecting the game to be shown

If multiple games have been loaded into the program, then this button can be used to select the appropriate game. Note: it may take some time to switch maps.

Toggling evil and good alignment goods

Whether the map shows all goods (including evil goods) or just the good alignment goods can be controlled by this button. Even if you are not evil and cannott see the evil goods in the game, they are included in the .smr maps and you can see them whenever you want.

Selecting a galaxy to be shown

Each map has a number of galaxies, the names and dimensions of which are automatically filled in when opening a map. This button allows you to select what galaxy is shown.