Lazy Trader

A third-party tool

Download from the SMR Web Board.

It's a java application, so you will need java to be able to run it. You can get java at: Once java is installed it should be as simple as double-clicking the file and it will run just like a .exe (except it should work on all operating systems) Note: On some distributions of linux you can't just click to run it and will instead have to use the terminal command java -jar TheLazyTrader.X.X.X.jar from the same working directory as the .jar (Changing the x's to the version you have)

For Mac OS X it may be necessary to change the default Java to version 6 (the latest) from version 5. To do this go to /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java and move Java SE 6 to the top.

Route generator is slightly more accurate than MGU (takes into account warps), and also generates a lot faster.

To use, run the jar file, click File | Open SMR File and select the sectors.smr you downloaded, then choose the options you want and click Actions | Generate Exp/Money Routes (depending what order you want it in.

Choosing more than 2 as the max number of ports in a route will mean it generates slower (more work to do).

Setting the max distance value changes the maximum distance a route can be (in any one direction), the higher this is the more work needs to be done, but the more certain you can be that the best route will be found (30 should be plenty for almost all routes, I think MGU uses 20 although not 100%).

Any questions or bugs please report to Page, thanks =)