The world created for SMR

It is a time of great interstellar turmoil....

The decline of the Galactic Federation, which served for centuries as a glowing bastion of peace, freedom, and prosperity, has given way to a rising tide of corruption and organized crime. Trade lanes are unsafe even in the most well populated areas. Pirates disrupt the free flow of cash and goods to local economies. Organized gangs have laid claim to entire planets and control the most lucrative ports by threat of violence. Black market goods are sold in the open without fear.

Sensing that the Federation has lost its grip on power, the eight known races have split off and formed independent governments. The presidents and their councils guide the flow of weapons and trade in a bid to retain economic control and keep their people safe. Despite these efforts, violence and desperation continues to escalate.

This is the universe you find yourself in.

Galactic Post

The Galactic Post is a mock newspaper with user created content in the game. The story of SMR continues to evolve through the reporting by Galactic Post writers. Anyone who is registered and playing in a round of SMR can submit articles. The articles will generally contain references to current events happening in the game as if it was an actual news story. Other examples of Galactic Post content can be short stories, player bios, poetry, or even digital artwork.

Each new round a Galactic Post editor is chosen from volunteers from the player base. The editor has the responsibilities of proofreading, editing, and formatting text using HTML or BBcode tags. The editor also has the option to publish Breaking News in the Read News section of the game.

To view the current edition of the Galactic Post in the game you can find the link below Read News on the left navigation bar. There is an option on that page to view all past editions. Some of the past editions are also archived here.