<!-- TITLE: Game Guide --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Game Guide --> **Welcome to the Space Merchant Realms Game Guide.** This guide is designed to explain the different facets of the game, from the differences between the races, to the game interface itself, to several tips on how to survive. The guide is intended to help you understand the game, not a step by step manual on how to do everything in the game. Some aspects are better learned by experience and interaction. Please note that this Guide is constantly being updated and revised so check back frequently and please report any errors or omissions A big thanks goes out to all the players who have helped with the information found within. This Game Guide would not exist without all of your time and effort. # Table of Contents * [Alignment](game-guide/alignment) * [Alliances](game-guide/alliances) * [Combat](game-guide/combat) * [Experience Levels](game-guide/experience-levels) * [Forces](game-guide/forces) * [How Your Ship Works](game-guide/how-your-ship-works) * [Life After Death](game-guide/life-after-death) * [Locations](game-guide/locations) * [Player Roles](game-guide/player-roles) * [Politics And The Ruling Council](game-guide/politics) * [Protection](game-guide/protection) * [Races](game-guide/races) * [Technologies](game-guide/technologies) * [Weapons](game-guide/weapons)