A quick summary of Weapons

A full list of the current weapons can be found here.

One of the most, if not the most important factor in combat or even self-defense is weapon choice. Each weapon in the game has its own unique properties but they all follow the same general rules.

Shield Damage: This is how much damage the weapon will do to the targets shields if the weapon hits.

Armor Damage: Damage that will be done to the targets armor if the weapon hits. When attacking a player, the opponents shields must be gone before any armor weapons can hit.

Accuracy: The general probability of the weapon hitting the target. But a weapons accuracy is only one of many factors that determine if a weapon hits or not. The formula for calculating accuracy can be found here.

Race: Each weapon has a patron race, or is neutral. Neutral weapons can be bought by anyone regardless of race or alignment with 2 exceptions. The holy hand grenade can only be bought by “good” players and the Nuke can only be purchased by “evil” players. (See the section on alignment). Weapons made by a specific race can be bought by players of that race or players whose relations with that race are above 500.

Power Level: Each weapon is rated at a certain power, a ship is limited to how many of a certain power level it may have, all ships must follow these guidelines:

1 - Level 5 Weapon
2 – Level 4 Weapons
3 – Level 3 Weapons
4 – Level 2 Weapons
Unlimited Level 1 Weapons

Note: Power level is not always the same as the attack rating it gives.

Cost: This is how much cash you will need to have on hand to buy the weapon