A quick summary of Technologies


Scanners give pilots information about the ships and forces (mines, combat drones, and scouts) in surrounding sectors of space. The information is rather general, but it can often mean the difference between survival and a pod ride home to HQ. Scanners can be purchased and installed at any racial HQ or Advanced Communications shop. Once purchased, they are always ON.

Local Scan

A scanner works on your Local Map view by showing you if ships or forces are in surrounding sectors. The scanner is only effective for adjacent sectors that you can move into directly. Ships are indicated by the "Trader Face" icon and forces are indicated by the "Mine" icon. These are the same icons you see on Local Map when ships and forces are in your current sector. The local scan doesn't tell you whether the ships and forces you see are friendly or enemy ones.

Local scanning is useful anytime you want advance warning about what is around you. This is especially helpful When trading because a local scan used while moving between ports can show ships around you before you come in sector with them.

Sector Scan

With a scanner installed on your ship, you will see the word "scan" below the sector number in the navigation box of the current sector view. When you click that sector scan link, it will give you a basic display with information about that sector. This scanning is also available as you move on a plotted course. The scanner readout shows how many Enemy and Friendly vessels there are and the number of Enemy and Friendly Forces. It also tells if there is a planet, port, or location in that sector.

Reading Vessel And Force Scans

The numbers shown for vessels and forces can seem cryptic at first, but here is how to decipher the numbers.

Enemy vessels = combined ship defense rating / 10 Friendly vessels = combined ship attack rating x 10

The ship scans don't tell the number of ships, only their combined ratings. Thus, it takes some knowledge of ship configurations to accurately determine what ships your scanner is seeing. For example an enemy vessel (EV) scan of 60 indicates that the ships have a defense rating of 6, and is probably a single trading ship. But an EV scan of 200 could be two or three traders or a single warship. Basically, the higher the number you scan, the more ships there are likely to be.

Scan Results

Friendly vessels 0 Enemy vessels 410 Friendly forces 0 Enemy forces 0 Planet No Port No Location Yes

This scan is of 4 ships, a /15 Planetary Super Freighter, a /12 Advanced Carrier, a /8 Leviathan, and a /6 Vengance.

Forces follow this formula. It is the same formula for Friendly and Enemy Forces.

Mine = 3 Combat Drone = 2 Scout = 1

Again, the scan doesn't tell how many of each type of force there are, only the combined value. So an enemy force (EF) scan of 1 would be without question a single scout. A scan of 2 could be two scouts or a single CD. A scan of 3 could be a single mine, a CD and a scout, or three scouts. Higher scans are difficult to accurately read what the nature of the forces are, but knowing the basic formula will help. Basically, the higher the scan the more forces there are and the more damage you are likely to suffer by entering the sector.

Scan Results

Friendly vessels 0 Enemy vessels 0 Friendly forces 0 Enemy forces 102 Planet No Port Yes Location No

This scan is of 50 combat drones (50 x 2 = 100) and 2 scout drones (2 x 1 = 2), thus 102 scan.

Knowing how to use a scanner and using it often will save your ship time and time again.


The Cloaking device hides the pilots ships from other ships in sector with them. Being Cloaked doesn't mean that you are truly invincible, just that anyone who is the same level as yourself or has a lower level can not attack you.*** A cloaked ship in a sector with out anyone else in it will show a "Shadow" in the current sector screen***. Cloak is only effective against someone who is a lower level than the cloaked ship. A level 20 person can hide from a level 19 person, but be seen by a level 21 person. A cloaked person In Sector with an alliance mate that is not cloaked can still be attacked with their ally, although they can not be targetted themselves. If you enter a sector an are uncloaked, another ship in that sector can pull up an attack screen on you even if you recloak.

Illusion Generator

The Illusion Generator allows players to camoflague their ships as another ship. Any other pilot doing a quick flyby will see just the Illusion Generator's settings.
Although this equipment allows players to pretend to be in a different ship than what they're really in, any seasoned hunter or pilot can tell what the illusioned ship really is by doing an examine and checking the ships weapon count and shield and armor ratings. You can falsify your overall rating IE: (Eater of Souls, 31/20) but not the shield/armor count. If you're a Salvene Ravager illusioned as an Salvene Eater of Souls it will show the lower amount of shields/armor. It will looks like 31/20 and below it will say Shields 600 Armor 600. That gives it away to an experience player.

Jump Drive

The jump drive allows you to jump across several sectors without the need to go through each one. It does cost 10+ turns to use however, so it is best to use when you need to reach a location that is over 10+ sectors away. If the location is exactly 10 sectors away, you will land exactly where you were aiming. If your location is over 10 sectors away, there is a chance of a misjump, larger the misjump the further distance the jump is...leaving you one to eight sectors away from where you were heading. You can use the jump drive to jump from one galaxy to another, however you have a greater chance of misjump.

The jump drive is good for reaching a location that is surrounded by enemy forces, such as a Combat Accessories store.

Also, now with recent changes you can jump more than one galaxy away. This is very useful to bypass an enemy minefield. This is risky though because it costs more turns to jump and an even higher misjump chance than just one galaxy being jumped!

Jump Formula Spreadsheet

Drone Scrambler

The Drone Communications Scrambler or DCS is a device used to disrupt coordination of enemy drone attacks. The DCS, when used against ports and planets is able to prevent 25% of the enemy drones from attacking your ship. Against other ships, the DCS reduces drone damage by 33%. It will also prevent 50% of all mine damage to your ship. The DCS is not manually enabled/disabled like other hardware. It is automatically used at all times. It also does not require any turns to use. The Drone Scrambler is available only at the Nijarin Hardware shop, which is usually located at the Nijarin Government HQ, or at a Crone Dronfusion. The price of the DCS is 500,000 credits.

It is important to note that a DCS will not give your teammates any protection against combat drones, even if they are in the sector with you. The effect is only active for the ship with the DCS.