A quick summary of Combat

Fighting is one of the most adrenaline-filled events you can find in SMR. While the most intense fighting can be found against another online ship, joining with other people attacking planets and ports also carry their own thrill. Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences of fighting in SMR.

Ship to Ship

Most combat in a game is performed between two fleets of ship. The simplest one involves one player attacking another. The outcome of these one-on-one fights depends partly on ship choice, weapons, experience level, and how quickly a player can click attack or run away. The odds of hitting an opponent with a weapon depends on your level, the level of the person you are attacking, and the base accuracy on the weapon. A player with more experience will be more accurate than a player with less experience. The same idea applies to combat drones. The more experience a player has, the more likely they are to launch greater numbers of combat drones at an enemy. The current combat code can be found here.

When multiple ships from the same alliance are in the same sector, they will fire as a fleet. In a fleet fight, a trigger by a single player results in the firing of several ships. Currently the maximum number of players that will fire per trigger is 10.

When your ship is attacked, it will return fire automatically (as long as you have something to return fire with!). Just like attacking, the maximum number of players that can be fired on with a single trigger is 10.

Ship to ship combat requires practice. Different players use different strategies and weapon configurations. Try asking other players in the game what they use. Most players are more than willing to help out curious, new players.


This section is about attacking planets. For general information about planets, see Locations: Planets.

Types of planets

Planets start out with no buildings at all, but with proper supplies stockpiled, construction of generators, hangars, and turrets can begin. As more buildings are constructed, the planet's defense level increases.

  • Generators protect a planet with shields. Each generator can hold 100 shields.
  • Hangars house and launch combat drones. Each hangar holds 20 drones.
  • Turrets fire heavy laser beams. Each planet can have a maximum of 10 turrets. These laser beams do 250/250 damage. Basically, when they hit an attacking ship they can destroy 250 shields or 250 armor (but not both on the same shot).
  • Bunkers protect a planet with heavy-plated armor. Each bunker provides 100 armor.

Planets can serve as a relatively safe place to park your ship, but no planet is 100% safe. Even the strongest planet can can fall to a well organized attacking fleet of warships.


This section is about attacking ports. For general information about ports, see Locations: Ports.

As ports increase in level, they are able to afford better defenses. If your ship is equipped with a scanner, then when you click the RAID button at a port, you will have the opportunity to see what its defenses are before confirming the attack order.

Armor/Shields: Ports have an equal number of armor and shields, and this number increases with the amount of profit a port has.
Combat Drones: The number of combat drones increases with the port's profit.
Turrets: Ports have 6 turrets at all levels. Their accuracy increases with the level of the port.