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SMR Administration

There are several ways to contact the admins of SMR.

  1. In-game Personal Message: You can message an admin in-game. When they are online, you will see them with a blue Admin tag attached to their name on the Current Players list. An example of an admin player would be Lieutenant 2nd Class Hot MaMa (14) Admin.
  2. In-game Contact Form: You will find the contact form in-game on the left side of the page. This links to a page with a form, which you can fill out and submit. Your submission will be automatically sent to
  3. On IRC: By joining #smr through the IRC link in-game or here, you can message any admin who is in chat via a personal message by clicking their name. Admins will have a ~, & or @ in front of their chat nicknames.
  4. On the forums: Once you create an account on the web board forums, you can send a personal message to admins. Their names are colored in red so that they can be easily distinguished. Click on one of their names and either PM or email them.
  5. On Discord: You can join the public SMR Discord channel here. In the list of players on the right side of the page, admins will be listed under "Game Admin".

Admin Team

Below are the current administrators of Space Merchant Realms

Name Position
MrSpock Owner/Founder
Page Coder
Travdan Coder
Curufir Coder
Hot MaMa All-Purpose Admin
Nika General Admin
Graknon General Admin

Community Contributors

We would like to recognize the following people for their contributions to the community

Name Contribution
kinky Beta Team
Freon22 CSS/Template Design

Past Admins

Name Position
Bouncer Head Admin, Wiki, Forum, IRC
RCK (Red Cross Knight) Head Admin, Wiki, Forum, IRC
Azool Head Admin, Wiki, Forum, IRC, Coder
GreyDeath General Admin
JettJackson General Admin
Holti Newbie Help / Facebook Admin
seldum General Admin
Jouldax General Admin
Prince Valiant All-Purpose Admin
Nariis Marketing/Newbie Helper Admin
EstoyLoco Marketing/Newbie Helper Admin
B.O.B. Communication Admin
Siege Multi Admin
Trigek General Admin
RandyOrsolo General Admin
Strike General Admin
Jester General Admin
DWizz General Admin
Blade General Admin
OmegaRenegade General Admin
Baalzamon General Admin
Beausoleil General Admin, Wiki
Hugh General Admin